Artists Exchange Program

In summer of 2018, the students of Deirdre Ann Academy were introduced to ballet and mural painting.

In June Vicki-Marie Bassing brought donated ballet attire (ballet slippers, leotards, skirts, shorts and shirts) for each student to wear during their ballet classes. For many it was their first introduction to ballet and their daily classes were met with enthusiasm and delight.  The ballet attire was treasured—and one of Vicki’s favorite memories was seeing the ballet slippers placed on rocks around the property, drying after being washed.

That same summer, Roxanne Rymland began the mural seen on the wall separating the school from the clinic.  A beautiful sunset/rise was designed and drawn by Roxanne, and sketched on one of the panels.  With paints from Kampala, Roxanne guided and taught the students how to paint the scene.    It is her goal to return in 2019 and continue to bring color and beauty to the remainder of the wall – with the help of the students.

The goal of this program is to introduce artists from other genre to the students:  musicians, poets, writers, actors, other dance forms, song writers, arts media, etc. as well as have the students share their songs, dance and drumming and music with the visitors.  Through this exchange both will enrich and expand their art forms.

dancing in attire