BCDC is dedicated to increasing the community’s access to quality healthcare. Multiple initiatives are aimed at combating common illnesses such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, typhoid fever, worms, syphilis and other STIs as well as providing much needed contraception and perinatal services.

  • BCDC has constructed the area’s first-ever health clinic that includes a pharmacy, laboratory, and exam rooms to serve the people of the Kibaale District.
  • The BCDC also hosts an annual medical outreach trip. The 2014 and 2015 trips treated and tested 1,300 and 1,700 people, respectively
  • In addition to providing acute and chronic disease management our clinicians are providing much needed health education for prevention and improved overall health for all ages. This includes nutrition, wound and disease management, family planning services, and hygiene.
  • The organization is also improving childhood health through access to latrines, safe drinking water, and clean water for washing hands.
  • BCDC has also built a new six-person latrine near the health clinic and school in Kiryabicooli.

A UCLA medical team that partnered with BCDC in 2010 to treat patients in Buseesa found that 80 percent of the ill children that they attended to were sick due to poor sanitation that could be largely addressed through latrines and better hygiene such as washing one’s hands with soap.